1 – Store apples with potatoes.

As apples ripen, they give off ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is usually used as a plant ripening in other fruits but with potatoes it keeps them from sprouting. Keep them all together in a cool well ventilated place and your potatoes should just keep on going!

2 – Store Onions and garlic in paper bags with holes punched in them.

Onions and garlic don’t like too much air, but no air at all is no good either! Limit the air supply by taking a paper bag and just punching a few air holes in them. The paper bags also act as a bit of a sponge, keeping moisture off them. Remember to keep your onions away from the potatoes! Unlike apples, potatoes and onions are not friends and will cause them to spoil quicker

3- Keep bananas separated and cling film the stalks

Back to the subject of ethylene again! Bananas, like apples and most other fruits, give off ethylene gas to ripen. To limit the amount that gets under the skin to the actual fruit, wrap the crown in cling film. To be even more effective, separate each banana and wrap the top in cling film, a bunch of bananas produces more ethylene than a singular one, so this limits their ethylene intake.

4 – Store cut carrots in water

When carrots lose their protective skin, they lose their moisture pretty quickly! To keep them crunchy, store them in a sealed container of clean cold water. Ideally leave a bit of space between the top of the carrot and the side of the bowl, and make sure the water definitely covers the carrots. If you’re keeping them for a while, change the water daily, this should keep them in good quality for about a week!

5 – store cut apples with citrus juice

Apples are a fantastic fruit! However, apple slices that are starting to go brown are terrifically unappealing! To keep them looking fresh and tip top, store them in water mixed with citrus. the water will keep the oxygen away from the tender fruit but adding a little citrus juice lowers the ph and helps to prevent the oxidation process. Usually lemons or limes are the easiest to use, but pineapple juice can add to the flavour as well as keeping them fresh!

Bonus storage tip!

Store hard avocados with bananas to speed up the ripening process! So ethylene isn’t just a bad guy, spoiling our fruit and veg, it has it’s uses! As it is a plant ripening chemical, if you have some delicious avocados you can’t wait to eat, pop them in a paper bag with those ethylene-making-machine bananas! Ripen avo’s in half the time (or at least quicker than on their own)